Apr 15, 2010

Ducane Affinity 3100

That’s a picture of the Ducane Affinity 3100 from Weber.

I ordered this from Amazon shortly after Christmas or New Year’s. Oddly enough it is eligible for Amazon Prime and free shipping. It weighs in at 150 pounds, so it is probably too big to ship via UPS or Fedex. The shipper, in my case, sent it from the originating location to a second shipper nearer the house. It was then shipped from Richmond to Spotsylvania. Don’t expect a panel truck like a UPS or Fedex truck to show up. What you get is an 18 wheeler showing up on your street. That can be awkward if you’re on a narrow suburban street where he can’t turn around. Also, don’t order when there’s a blizzard going on. That will only delay matters.

My son is the mechanically apt person in the house, and it took him a little while to assemble it, but I didn’t hear too much cursing or swearing, so it appears to be relatively easy for the apt to assemble.

It’s a three burner grill, so you can use it for indirect heat, which is required for doing things like ribs, or for doing beer-can chicken. It doesn’t have a side burner, but I never used the one on our previous grill.

The electronic ignition works, which it never did on the previous grill, though that may have been the fault of the guy at Lowes’ who assembled it for us.

As always it’s advisable to use aluminum foil or a drip pan to avoid flare-ups.

So far I’m satisfied, and would recommend it.Update: February 23, 2014—Amazon or Weber appears to have discontinued this item.