Jan 6, 2010
Bell, Book, and Candle

Kim Novak costars with Pyewacket, the cat, and James Stewart in this romantic comedy about a man and a witch. Ernie Kovacs and Jack Lemmon also costar.

Kim Novak, as the witch Gillian Holroyd. is beautiful as always in this one. She may be on the young side for James Stewart, but lets face it, even if we’re fat and on the wrong side of 60 younger women are still attractive to old coots.

The first time that I watched this I found Jack Lemmon’s character, Nicky Holroyd, extremely annoying. I realized that Lemmon like some other actors, Robert Walker, Montgomery Clift, played essentially the same kind of character in most of his movies. Lemmon shares with Walker the characteristic of being weak and whiny. Walker’s appearance in The Clock was sufficient to make me stop watching it. Lemmon isn’t quite as bad as Walker, and he may have improved with age. This time around either Lemmon has improved, or I’ve changed a bit. He was less annoying, and his character was more tolerable.

I think this may be one of two pre-1960s movies to feature a romantic relationship between a witch and a human. The other is I Married a Witch with Frederick March and Veronica Lake. This is worth seeing with someone you love.